Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G First Look Review..

Samsung’s second generation Galaxy Z Fold 2 Android smartphone that unfolds into a tablet, Lisa Gade offers you her impressions as a Fold 1 owner and as a tech reviewer. Clearly, much has improved over the first gen, with several design innovations from the Galaxy Z Flip finding their way to Samsung’s larger flexible OLED display phone. The outer display is now edge-to-edge and much larger, then inner UTG (ultra thin glass) display is larger, smoother and has 120Hz refresh, the hinge opens firmly at a variety of angles like a laptop, and the ugly inner camera cluster is replaced by an o-hole Infinity Display style selfie camera. Of course, it has the Snapdragon 865 Plus CPU, 5G and other internals on par with the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 line. Triple rear cameras and a new matte finish are here as well. Lisa will post a final review after testing the phone for a few weeks, before the Sept. 18 launch date. The price is scary as ever, at $1,999 in the US.


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