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Samsung to launch Galaxy Fold on September 6

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Samsung has finally announced a launch for its troubled foldable phone. The company confirmed today that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will go on sale in its native South Korea tomorrow, September 6, followed by the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Singapore, and other markets in the “coming weeks.”

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The Galaxy Fold, as its name suggests, is a phone that opens out into a larger-screened tablet form factor — the Korean tech giant first announced the device at an event back in February, with preorders opening in April. However, a number of early reviewers reported issues with the screen, leading Samsung to delay its launch.

The $2,000 device, which also comes in a 5G version, was one of a number of foldable devices announced this year, though the first was actually Chinese company Royole which rushed to debut its FlexPai phone last year. Royole later put its foldable on display at Mobile World Congress (MWC) back in February, alongside the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X 5G foldable.

But as the world’s perennial number one smartphone company in terms of shipments, all eyes have been on Samsung, particularly given its focus on key global markets. Huawei won’t be selling its foldable in the U.S. any time soon, while Royole’s incarnation isn’t available to the global masses yet either, leaving Samsung as a major driving force behind the foldable onslaught.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold display is a giant 7.3″ diagonally when unfolded, and a more modest 4.6″ when folded, with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage. It will be available to buy in black and silver, with the 5G version launching only in countries that have the necessary 5G networks in place.

Samsung said it has been “refining the Galaxy Fold” over the past few months “to ensure it delivers the best possible experience,” with a particular focus on its design and construction. Though it stopped short of referencing the screen issues reported by a number of reporters in April, it did say that it “learned from the feedback it received.”

To allay fears, Samsung is also planning to offer “specialized customer care services” for those who buy a Galaxy Fold, which will include access to Samsung experts and a 24/7 online and telephone support line.

“The category-defining Galaxy Fold is a device that defies the barriers of traditional smartphone design,” noted . “Now, we’re excited to release this pioneering mobile technology, and allow consumers to experience it for themselves. “Consumers have responded positively to larger screens, and the Galaxy Fold’s revolutionary form factor offers a bigger, more immersive screen without sacrificing portability. This is what we call innovation of new mobile experience in action.”

Given its hefty starting price tag of around $2,000, and its yet-to-be-determined practical utility in the real world, the Galaxy Fold will likely be an early-adopter device at the beginning. But as the technology is refined and price of these type of devices come down, this could lead to a wider adoption of flexible displays in all manner of use-cases, from automobiles to spherical smart speakers.

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