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See What Apple is currently Doing on App Store games

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This is really not funny when apple were asked to consider paying more than 59p for a game, has apparently open their eyes it could do with making people pay extra cash for games.

Meanwhile, base on trending report on Bloomberg, Apple has been deliberating on the idea of a subscription service giving iPhone access to ‘premium games’ for the cost of a monthly subscription. To be clear, this isn’t a rival for Google Stadia – we’re still talking mobile games rather than triple-A console titles – but the higher budget end. Think Minecraft and Football Manager, not Candy Crush Saga or Super Morio Siblings.

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The service would be exclusively for paid titles, and the report reckons that developer income would be attributed based on play time, rather than as a guaranteed figure. That means the titles will still be incentivised to take advantage of our weak, easily exploitable psychological buttons. But developers will at least need to spend less time fretting about whether £4.99 is too much in a world where £1.19 for a game is seen as akin to daylight robbery.

It’s not clear whether this will get a mention in today’s event, where Apple is expected to bang on about its streaming TV service and the future of news. The company may save it for a developer-focused conference later in the year instead.

But whether it’s announced in the next 24 hours or later in the year, a new revenue stream for the company would certainly be welcome. With hardware sales stagnating, Apple could certainly do with more income under the Services line of its financial reports. And if the offering is compelling enough, then this could be an easy way for Apple to maximise its take.

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