Sony Xperia 1 ii Review | Worth that premium price?

Review of the Sony Xperia 1 ii, an evolved version of that original tall boy from 2019. With its £1099 UK asking price, this is one of the most expensive 2020 flagship phones so far. So can the upgraded camera tech, impressive features and other elements justify the cost? I’ve been testing the Xperia 1 ii as my personal smartphone for a week and here’s my final verdict. Although it looks the same, this mark 2 handset boasts fresh specs for impressive performance. Gamers will love the smooth handling of PubG, CoD and other Android titles, complete with Sony’s game tools to give you the edge. Battery life isn’t quite as strong sadly, often giving out just before a day is completely done. I’m a fan of the refreshed camera setup too, with Zeiss and Alpha smarts combined for impressive photo and video capture. You can shoot some great looking footage on auto mode and there’s dedicated Pro apps for really pushing the Xperia 1 ii to its limits.


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