Speed Test : iOS 13.4 Beta 2 vs iOS 13.3.1 Build # 17E5233g.

Apple released iOS 13.4 Beta 2 yesterday, it comes with build number 17E5233g, the g there seems to confirm the long beta cycle ahead of us, if we should end up with an a.

So 4-5 betas still to come I estimate.

Beta 1 one performed surprisingly well so hopefully Beta 2 will continue in the same way. But lets see. Older phones without a notch get a status bar in Control Center.

9 new Memoji stickers. Always listen for Hey Siri accessibility option. Fixed Mail app toolbar.

iCloud Drive Folder Sharing returns. VPN disabled notification in status bar.Ask Siri to go to Home screen.

So hopefully there is also room for some optimisation in performance.

Please do use the comment section to share your thought and what you think about this huge review so that we all can share your experience.


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