States With The Highest Salary Scales In Nigeria


Which State Has Highest Salary Scales In Nigeria?

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In other words, fat compensation scale is one reason many individuals in all actuality do incline toward working in certain states in Nigeria and fabricate their professions there.

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What makes expresses specialist’s compensations to fluctuates lies in the business exercises and the income the state produces. In this manner, many states in Nigeria are overwhelmed by variations of business exercises.

Going from physical and internet purchasing down to automated administrations. This multitude of upgrade the higher worker pay rates scale.

Also, oil-delivering states with grounded organizations are probable going to have higher general result and this is proportionate to the ‘enormous work-large compensation’ scale for the representatives in the state.

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Below are the top states with the highest salary scales in Nigeria

  1. LAGOS

It is without iota of doubt that Lagos State is the number one state in Nigeria with the highest employee salary structure. Being the most populated city in the country, there are big and well-established companies there too.


Being the capital city of Nigeria, FCT Abuja is the residence of most of the politicians. The production output in Abuja is majorly from services and the employees there are well paid so as to look fine and smart. Being the home of the governmental parastatals, the employees there are being paid like ‘lords’.

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  1. DELTA

The major activity in Delta State is the oil business. There are numerous numbers of oil and gas companies there and this gives the workers the edge to be receiving a huge salary scale.

  1. KANO

The largest city in Nigeria in terms of geographical coverage is Kano and it is the second most populated city after Lagos in the whole of Nigeria. People travel from the four cardinal points of Nigeria down to Kano to buy goods. That is how big the Kano market is.

Kano is the 4th state with an incredible salary structure in Nigeria and the state has been maintaining it’s economy activities perfectly well.

  1. OYO

Having the largest city in Africa (Ibadan) and the first university to be established in Nigeria within its ambit, Oyo state is the 5th state a nice salary scale.

Oyo state alone has 5 universities, 8 polytechnics and other numbers of Colleges. Being a non-oil state, Oyo state has the second-largest economy enormous production of Agricultural products.


The capital city of River State, Portharcourt is economically vital to the Nigeria’s oil sector. With nothing less than 9 oil & gas companies with  Shells and Chevrons included, it is obvious that the workers there will be earning massive salaries.

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  1. EDO

Because of the rich cultural heritage in Edo state, it is able to attract many investments from the international body. It major production output is on tourism, culture, entertainment, and hospitality. The employees salary structure is not bad there too.


Bayelsa state salary structure is also encouraging as the state can also boost oil production output. With some oil companies in the state, the workers there are having a reliable salary scale.

  1. IMO

With abundant natural resources, I like crude oil, white clay, zinc, fine sand, lead, natural gas and limestone, Imo state also offers employees a proud salary scheme.

  1. Ogun state

The commercial activities in Ogun are as a result of it the state sharing border with Lagos, Oyo and Ondo state. Hence, the Ogun state is ranked as the 10th state with a top salary structure in Nigeria.

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