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Steps On How to Confirm Customs Duty in Nigeria

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How Do I Confirm Customs Duty in Nigeria?

In case you are keen on checking custom duty in Nigeria, this article gives you all the data you need on how you can verifying customs duty papers and how to carefully calculate your customs duty paper in Nigeria


Customs obligation is a charge needed by the public authority of a country that is paid for when bringing or sending out merchandise into that specific country. In Nigeria, the national government charges custom obligations on practically totally brought things into the country. Dodging customs obligation is an offense that draws in punishments as per the law.


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The import charges change from 5% to 60%, with a 1% on merchandise imported. The standard custom obligation charge is 7% port charge and 5% on Value Added Tax (VAT), making it an aggregate of 12%. This data is essential for merchants and exporters who are considering checking customs leeway on merchandise, for example, vehicles brought into the country. Peruse on to get as much data as you need.


Before 2018, the way toward checking data on any traditions related subject used to be furious. This made numerous individuals lost approaches to check for significant data like affirming customs obligation. For instance, numerous individuals experience badgering from street customs authorities on the grounds that the custom charge on an imported vehicle has not been settled up on or paid completely. This is the reason check the genuineness of custom obligation on imported merchandise and items. The initial step in the wake of getting a traditions obligation paper on specific products is to check in case it is authentic.


Shockingly, you can’t check custom obligation papers on the web. Albeit numerous individuals have been hanging tight for the presentation of an online framework where one can check for Custom obligation online without stress, it actually has not appeared right up ’til the present time. Notwithstanding, this doesn’t imply that it is difficult to confirm your custom obligation papers. The Nigeria Customs Service has given approaches to you to check your Customs obligation papers. Here is the secret:

The Nigeria Customs Service has given a functioning helpdesk that permits you to confirm your custom papers utilizing your telephone. We don’t know whether this assistance work area administration is accessible for 24 hours yet you should take a stab at contacting them during work hours. To check your traditions obligation papers, you can utilize the numbers 094621597, 094621598, 094621599 (the last digits can be changed). These lines work for the two calls and instant messages.


To get the data you need as respects Customs obligation, you should give the accompanying significant archives:

C-number (traditions reference number)

Year of installment

The order of Nigeria Customs where the obligation was paid

Name of co-endorsers

Clearing the office’s subtleties

Office of section, and so forth

When you give this data, you ought to have the option to confirm your Customs obligation reports expeditiously.

C-Number: The C-Number is a significant number used to record and store everything about an imported item. This number is interesting to an imported decent so it is difficult to have a copy c-number for items.

You will track down the C-Number at the upper right corner of the Single Goods Declaration structure. It is this number that is gone into the data set of the Nigeria Customs Service. The C-Number is utilized to clear and import obligation installments. It is additionally expected to approve your Customs Papers as this is the thing that will be utilized to call up the subtleties of your vehicle in the Nigeria Customs data set which is called (Automated System for Customs Data).

Significance OF C NUMBER

The C-Number is a basic snippet of data with regards to Customs papers. The C-Number is found on the upper right corner of Single Goods Declaration (SGD) structures. The number comes in this organization (C-144..) and is utilized to acquire the whole subtleties of your item, for example, a vehicle into the Customs data set during the clearing interaction and import obligation installment. Data that can be acquired utilizing the C-Number incorporates the name of the representative, clearing organization’s subtleties, office of passage (PTML/TINCAN/… .), and so forthCustoms Duty in Nigeria

Customarily, shippers like to do their autonomous examination to confirm their products have been appropriately cleared. This is significant as there have been numerous instances of misrepresentation where clearing specialists do what is called an “Outside Valuation or Machined Outside” where they overlook the import obligation esteem that has been cited by the Customs Value Officer and all things considered, disparages port organizations.


Meaning of terms used to figure customs obligation in Nigeria:

Dandy (Freight ready) – This alludes to all expenses brought about to bring the products or things of import to the terminal for shipment. It is determined as Total Ancillary charges + Total worth of products.

Cargo – This is the expense of shipping the things either by Road, Sea cargo, or Airfreight.

CIF – CIF is the expense of imported things, protection worth and cargo charge

You figure your CIF by adding the expense of imported things, protection esteem (that is 0.5% of Cost and Freight) and cost of transportation.

Worth Added Tax (VAT): This is a duty forced on the stock of labor and products. Under Nigerian law, the assessment is as of now charged at 7.5% of the worth of the available labor and products.

Surface Duty (ID): This is normally alluded to as import obligation (ID). It is an obligation dependent on the sort of thing imported. The worth relies upon the HS Code – typically 5%, 10%, 20%, and so on of the CIF Value.

Overcharge: This is an extra duty implied for port turn of events and imposed on the importation of merchandise. The Surcharge is determined at 7% x Import Duty (ID).

CISS is an abbreviation for ‘Far reaching Import Supervision Scheme’ which is determined as 1% of FOB esteem.

ETLS is an abbreviation for ‘ECOWAS Tax Liberalization Scheme’. It is a toll forced by ECOWAS on merchandise imported from non-ECOWAS part nations into ECOWAS part nations. It is determined as 0.5% x CIF.

The absolute estimation of Customs obligation is ID + Surcharge + CISS + ETLS + VAT = Customs Duty. The aggregate sum spent will be CIF + Customs obligation


All importation into the nation is finished by opening a structure M. Customs obligation installment must be handled at the bank where the structure M was opened besides in situations where the bank that supported the structure M isn’t a Duty Collecting Bank.


Base camp

Nigeria Customs Service Headquarters is situated at Abidjan Street, Wuse, Zone 3, Abuja, Nigeria

Tel: 09 5234694

Fax: 09 5234694






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