Steps on How to Travel Abroad From Nigeria


How to Travel Abroad From Nigeria In 2022

Normal Nigerian Citizen truly needs to go out of the country. This is 2022 now, it is how long that you’ve been dreaming about going out of Nigeria?

That is manner of speaking, in any case!

Justifications for why individuals travel out of Nigeria galore. Some movement abroad to propel their review, some for business purposes, some movement to visit the world and unwind and some even travel abroad to hustle.

Also, preceding you applying for a visa, try you realize the reason why you’ll venture out abroad to head out the request to decide the class of visa you’ll apply for.

Nonetheless, getting a voyaging Visa in Nigeria is one of a hellfire troublesome (sorry I mean very entrusting), this is on the grounds that each nation of the world is careful about Nigerians.

Reasons Why Your Visa Could Be Granted

Refusal of the immigration officers to grant traveling Visa is one the major reason why many Nigerian are still around if not, The wider world must have been oversaturated by Nigerians by now.

If you’ll be traveling out of Nigeria, stating the following reasons could aid your visa  to be granted, or otherwise, you’ll be denied the Visa:

  • Medical ground
  • Attending a conference
  • Marrying a Foreign National
  • Tourism
  • Scholarship to study abroad
  • Study advancement
  • Invitation by a relative
  • Business purpose

Have Your international passport ready

Since you can’t travel abroad from Nigeria without an international passport, you’ll get one ready. To register for an international passport, visit the Nigerian Immigration Service office in your state to apply for one.

You’ll be enlightened on the guidelines, procedures, type, and everything you need to know about it. You’ll, however, need the following items for the registration.

Important Documents For The International Passport Registration

  • Birth certificate
  • Local government identification or State of origin certificate
  • National Identity Card
  • Passport

Decide On The Country You Want To Go

It is very essential you conduct thorough research on the country you want to travel to. Know the country you’ll be visiting before you decided to travel to that country.

Some countries are visa-free countries to Nigerians the majority of others require a valid visa for your travel. So doing research on this is very ideal.

Apply For a Visa

After you must have researched and known much about the country of the world you’ll be visiting, the next you to do is to apply for Visa. Get all the required documents for the Visa application ready and schedule the date for the documentation review.

Some consulate might even meeting you in light of your records and where and why you’re going out of Nigeria.

In any case, when you are at last allowed a Visa, you’ll have to book a plane and the inn you will stop in the event that you don’t have anyone in that country.

To make this more straightforward, the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) and the visa officials are there to help and guide you on the best way to do that. The receipts and the tickets you’ll be given will fill in as proof from the Immigration administration.

What’s straightaway? Sit tight for the plane timetable date and you’re all set.

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