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Steps to Check Prepaid Meter Balance in Nigeria

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How Do I Check Prepaid Meter Balance in Nigeria?

Prepaid meters came into the Nigerian framework when the Power Holding Company of Nigeria became privatized. This advancement has been a gigantic help to numerous Nigerians with regards to the force supply. Prior to this time, there used to be interminable grumblings about subjective meter billings by the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NEPA).

Individuals were cheated for power use and many couldn’t take care of the bills gathered to them which would make the public authority authorities detach their force source. With a prepaid meter, a shopper can decide the value of power units the individual in question has utilized and the particular add up to be repurchased, so you don’t need to sit tight for gauges or self-assertive billings. This clarifies why numerous Nigerians have raced to get their PHCN prepaid meter since it was presented.

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Even in the wake of securing their prepaid meters, many gripe that they can’t check their prepaid meter adjusts in order to be certain when their credits will run out. This article covers how to check for your prepaid meter balance and different cycles you need to realize when utilizing a prepaid meter.


As indicated by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, clients are required to pay for a prepaid meter. Every dissemination organization, for example, Ikeja Electric Plc or Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company has online cycles intended to direct the metering interaction. On their particular sites, you will be prompted on the assigned channels for installment.

The cycle associated with getting a prepaid meter in Nigeria is arranged into four fundamental stages:

Realize Your Customer (KYC): Know Your Customer cycle is the stage where the client settles any exceptional obligation. There are debate goal alternatives accessible through the Know Your Customer Process which clients can exploit as respects installment of exceptional bills. For instance, remarkable equilibriums can likewise be turned over into the prepaid record and paid in portions.

Record/Field Surveying: A record review is completed before the client is permitted to pay for the prepaid meter.

Installment for Prepaid meter

Establishment: After installment, the prepaid meter is given and introduced inside 10 working days.

The most effective method to APPLY FOR PREPAID METER IN NIGERIA

Start the KYC interaction by visiting the particular power dispersion organization site, for instance, Ikeja Electric Company or Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company

As another client, you should place in your old meter number so the authorities can see your record profile.

Complete the Know Your Customer cycle where you need to fill in your own subtleties properly to get going the record study measure.

Obligation Settlement: another client is needed to get all remarkable obligations by exploiting free from reimbursement alternatives made accessible

Meter Payment and Installation: After installment to the approved bank, you will have your meter introduced at your home.

Note: No client who needs to buy a prepaid meter should make installments to organization staff or some other person.


Subsequent to paying for your prepaid meters, it will typically require around ten working days for your prepaid meter to be introduced at your home. The enactment cycle generally happens two working days after establishment.


To check the complete credit unit you have utilized on your prepaid meter at an at once, on the keypad then, at that point press the blue catch, and your accessible equilibrium will be shown on your screen.

The most effective method to CHECK FOR YOUR METER NUMBER

The meter number is the special ID doled out to your prepaid meter. The meter number contains a blend of numbers and letters and differs long between seven to eleven digits. Assuming you need to discover your meter number, you should simply dial “65” then, at that point press the blue catch on your meter. Your meter number will be shown on the screen.Prepaid Meter Balance


There are a few accessible choices through which you can re-energize your prepaid meter. The most famous ways are by the Prepaid Smart card or online re-energize.

To utilize the prepaid savvy card in re-energizing your meter, you need to design your brilliant card at the Power Holding Company closest to you. In the wake of arranging your brilliant card, you would now be able to utilize the card to load, buy, and check or recover power credits.


First and foremost, guarantee your control box is associated with a force source

Open the card entryway of your meter screen

Cautiously embed the shrewd card the legitimate way showed on the card.

At the point when you embed your card, you would see an image on the screen unit’s LCD screen. You should not eliminate your brilliant card during this cycle, or, more than likely your card may be harmed or you will wind up with a deficient re-energize measure.

You will get a warning whenever stacking is finished.


Open your program and enter the site of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria

You will discover a rundown of various power conveyance organizations in Nigeria like Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKDC), Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company or Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC)

Upon choice, you will be taken to another page where you are needed to type in your data, for example, meter number, email, telephone number, and worth of electric unit you need to purchase (in naira).

Snap on “submit”

Affirm your request rundown, then, at that point select your favored method of installment. The installment alternatives accessible incorporate bank moves or Visas.

You will then, at that point be taken to the last page which would show if your request has been affirmed. Your symbolic will be sent straightforwardly to your versatile number.

Enter this token effectively on your prepaid meter to re-energize your meter.

Presently you realize how to check your prepaid meter adjust and re-energize with no trouble.

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