Never take your phone to the bathroom. There are some places and moments you should not share with it because it can be dangerous for your health (for example, never use your phone in a bathroom!).

Here is a list of real risks your phone has for you.


Your smartphone can cause nomophobia 0:53 Your smartphone can give you rinxiety 2:11 Your smartphone can mess with your memory 2:58 Your phone lowers your self-esteem 3:34 Your phone can make you gain weight 4:46 Your phone can cause pain in your neck and your back 5:27 Never take your phone to the bathroom 6:12 Never put your phone in your pocket 7:43 Your phone does not belong in your bedroom 9:08 SUMMARY How much does your mobile phone mean to you? Not that much?

You just use it to make private and work calls, send messages for both fun and business, take pictures and share them on social networks and through messengers. It navigates you.

It answers all your questions. You also have some important apps installed, so it gets you a cab when you need it, orders food for you and keeps you entertained when you have spare time and feel bored.

There is a good chance it also wakes you up in the morning.

Did we get it right? However, there are some places and moments you should not share with it because it can be dangerous for your health.

For example, you should never take your phone to your bedroom.

Eight out of ten people keep their mobile phones on overnight, and 50 % use their phones as an alarm clock.

It just seems natural to go through your mail or social networks before going to bed to finish the day, and you can’t wait to wake up and see what’s new in the morning.

There is news for you: it is dangerous for your health to keep your phone on your bedside table and even in your bedroom altogether.

The artificial blue light your phone emits can suppress the hormones that promote sleep so you will find it harder to fall asleep.

As a result, it will interfere with your body’s natural rhythm: it will make your body believe it is daytime, and there is no need to go to bed.

It will deprive you of sleep you need to restore energy for the day.

Even if you manage to fall asleep easily despite that electronic light, random overnight vibration, beeping and occurring light will wake you up long before you are supposed to.


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