The $32,000 Mac Pro Killer…

Reviews of the best budget-friendly smartphones in Summer 2020, with a price under £200. Affordable mobiles from Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Realme and Xiaomi, with the greatest camera tech, performance, battery life and more. If you want a cheap Android for playing PubG, streaming movies and beyond, the Moto G8 (and Power Lite), Realme 6i, Xperia L4 and Redmi Note 8T will impress for sure. I’ve got a lot of favourite phones that boast a budget cost, with Motorola still proving one of the greatest thanks to its Moto G8 and G8 Power Lite. However, the Realme 6i is a very strong rival, boasting that fresh Realme UI, a capable everyday camera and smooth enough performance when playing PubG. Sony’s Xperia L4 serves up that 21:9 design for a lot less money, although it’s old Android 9 sadly. Meanwhile the Redmi Note 8T from Xiaomi is still a cracker, with its strong battery life and impressive camera performance.


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