The NEW M1 Macs – 8GB or 16GB RAM For Video Editing?

For those of you planning to video edit on the new 2020 M1 Macs, the good news is that no matter which model you choose, you’re making a great choice.

In this video, I put the 8GB RAM M1 MacBook Air to the test against it’s more expensive upgrade – the 16GB RAM version.

I test many different things on both DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro, including render time in h.264 and ProRes, 4K timeline scrubbing, fusion titles and transitions, RAM usage, and more. I found that although theoretically the 16GB RAM version should outperform the 8GB RAM Mac, it was not the case (at least, not yet).

Editing software is not optimized or updated enough to take advantage of the extra RAM.


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