The young guy left home He lived in the forest for 27 years alone. But why? Amazing story!

Christopher Knight, 20, worked on the suburbs of Boston. One day, as usual, after his working day, he left his office.

The guy got into the car, started the engine and hit the road. He rode forward and forward; he did not think of direction or time. Christopher had already driven out of town, but still did not stop.

Several hours passed, and the car ran out of gas. Then, without hesitation, he left the car on the side of the road, got out of it and purposefully moved along the forest path. So he walked for almost an hour.

Only then did the guy finally stop, took out a tent from his backpack and set it up in the forest. Believe it or not, the guy stayed at this place. And he spent exactly 27 years in his tent!


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