Top 10 Dumbest Criminals…

People say that life is hard, but it’s harder if you’re stupid. In today’s episode, we look at ten cases where people didn’t quite think things through all the way, and it made a mess for them. Well, for most of them.

The others were already in a mess, but their lack of thought made the mess worse. an example include Lukasz Chojnowski. Known as the “Goldilocks Burglar,” Lukasz Chojnowski broke into a home while the owners were away on vacation. Unlike most burglars, Chojnowski didn’t take all of their valuables. Instead, he cleaned up their house.

While it would be wonderful to go away for a trip and come home to a clean house, the fact that Chojnowski was an uninvited guest made this an unnerving discovery upon their return.

Where Chojnowski made his biggest blunder was staying too long. He apparently made himself very comfortable—or wore himself out cleaning—because the homeowners found him asleep in their bed when they returned from their trip.

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