Top 10 Largest and Busiest Airports in Africa

Largest and Busiest Airports in Africa – Air travel has been one of the most prevalent and dependable modes of transportation around the world over the years.

In Africa, the situation is no different, with millions of Africans connecting flights to and from the continent and the rest of the globe every day.

In normal times, aviation hubs across the African continent are usually flooded with millions of passengers, travelling for a range of reasons, brushing through tourism and leisure to business, etc.

The past year however was an unprecedented era that packed a punch with enough power to cripple the global aviation capacity.

According to Airports Council International (ACI), overall passenger traffic at the world’s airports has plummeted by 64.6 percent, although air travel has recovered at varied speeds around the world as travel restrictions are relaxed.

To determine how busy an airport is, there is the need to consider many aspects such as the number of passengers annually, the number of flight departures and cargo traffic among others.

Our video today will look into the 10 largest and busiest african airports, in terms of number of flights and passenger annually, based on current available statistics.


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