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Top Fun Places in Nigeria

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Discover the top fun spots to visit when you are at Ibadan.

Thickets TOWER

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The most noteworthy slope in the city of Ibadan is the Oke Are Hill situated in Igbo Agala, on the highest point of this slope sits a more than 60 feet tall Tower, called Bowers Tower, named after the primary British inhabitant and travel magistrate of Yoruba Land, Captain Robert Lister Bower in 1936. The Bowers tower is perhaps the most fantastic landmark in the city of Ibadan. Ascending around 60 feet, the Bowers Tower offers you a stunning perspective on the city of Ibadan. A few perspectives from the pinnacle incorporate the University of Ibadan, UCH, the Cocoa House, the University school medical clinic, Dugbe market, Agodi cultivates and surprisingly the cost entryway on Lagos-Ibadan street. This experience makes the pinnacle a great spot to hang out in Ibadan. Not to stress, the most noteworthy mark of the pinnacle can be evaluated through a flight of stairs of around 47 twisting flights of stairs with its two doors.


Agodi Gardens is otherwise called the Agodi zoological and professional flowerbeds. You will discover this nursery at the foot of the old Mokola slopes. Many individuals visit the Agodi Gardens in Ibadan to have some good times filled day through the different exercises accessible there. As a result of the nursery’s rich vegetation, Agodi gardens is an ideal cookout region that can without much of a stretch become your #1 unwinding spot. Moreover, Agodi Gardens has a great swimming region and inflatable boats so one can invest some energy swimming. Different attractions at the Agodi gardens incorporate a small zoo, Water Park, and rides for youngsters. Agodi gardens furnish you with a chance to have an excursion, visit a zoo and take agreeable rides all in a similar spot. This is most certainly one of the great spots to hang out in Ibadan. Agodi Gardens is situated along Parliament street, Mokola, Ibadan.


IITA is a well known and extravagant spot in Ibadan. The abbreviation represents the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. It will intrigue you to realize that IITA is the solitary secured metropolitan woods in the South West district of Nigeria. The hold was set up in 1967 and still keeps a degree of normalization you can just discover in explicit spots. The IITA Forest hold is an enormous span of land intended to safeguard and advance biodiversity. This makes it a diversion or unwinding spot as well as an instructive focus also. The save has a noticed record of a wide scope of creatures, for example, more than 20 types of reptiles, 200 types of birds, 400 types of plants and more than 100 types of butterflies. Other engaging exercises that occur at the IITA Forest Reserve Ibadan are exploring nature exercises, picnics, trekking, fishing and golf playing around the greenhouses, lakes, and woodland. IITA Forest Reserve Ibadan is situated at Oyo street, among Ojoo and Muniyan town, Ibadan, Oyo State.


Trans Amusement Park is one of the best time spots to be in Ibadan. It is otherwise called “Trans wonderland”. This carnival has a wonderland subject and is frequently alluded to as Nigeria’s “Disney World”. This demonstrates how tastefully satisfying the recreation center is and why it ought to be on the rundown of spots you can visit in Ibadan. You will discover loads of fun rides and wheels, just as different exercises to keep you engaged at the recreation center. Trans Amusement park is additionally kids amicable, that is there are exercises accessible to keep your kids drew in and engaged. There is a frozen yogurt spot worth focusing on, where you can have a flavorful treat for you as well as your friends and family. The recreation center likewise gives an all around trimmed grass that can fill in as a resting region. It is a spot worth visiting in Ibadan. Trans Amusement Park is situated at Sango Ojoo street, Ibadan Oyo State.


Formally known as the National Museum of Unity Ibadan. This historical center was opened on the twelfth of April 2002 and is situated at Alesinloye Area, Ibadan, Oyo. At the point when you visit the National Museum at Ibadan, you will fulfill your interest in Yoruba history. The gallery is separated into four displays. The Unity display houses items and antiques, for example, instruments gathered from different pieces of the country. These incorporate gongs, dots, xylophones, clatters, and so on The Masquerade exhibition houses outfits of masquerades gathered from everywhere the country. Here, you will track down the Eastern “mmanwu” and Western “egungun”, just as covers worn by the “spirits”. The earthenware display houses an immense assortment of fired dishes and plates. The Yoruba display has an assortment of antiquated Yoruba land relics and curios, for example, formal attire that depict the rich social legacy of Ibadan. A visit to the National Museum Ibadan will cost you just N250 for a grown-up.


The zoological nursery at the University of Ibadan was worked in 1948, by the Department of Zoology at the University. A zoological nursery is a position of learning just as a preservation community for creatures. Other than this, the UI zoo is an incredible spot to spend time with loved ones. You can will see creatures of various species while partaking in the invigorating quality of nature. A few creatures you will discover are lions, ostriches, monkeys, turtles just as reptiles, and birds. The zoo has heaps of outing where you can unwind and eat, mess around and take pictures. There are likewise shops where you can purchase food on the off chance that you get eager. It likewise fills in as a decent objective for understudies’ outings.

This is a rundown of top fun spots you should not miss to visit in Ibadan.

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