What to Do When Someone’s Following You in a Car…

Another long workday. Finally, you get in the car, turn on your favorite song, and start driving home. That’s when you notice something weird in the rear-view mirror. “Is that guy following me?” You slow down – maybe they’ll pass. Nope. You speed up – they stay on you. What to do if you suspect someone is tailing you in a car? Well, before you get too nervous or annoyed, confirm that you are indeed being followed. The easiest way is to make 3 right turns around the block. Why would someone drive aimlessly around the same buildings? If you’re on the freeway, take the next upcoming exit. But instead of getting off, get right back on the freeway. If the car does the same, it’s probably tailing you. And if you’ve confirmed you are being followed, here’s what you should do.


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