When Tigers And Lions Face Each Other

You definitely don’t want to get between a predator and its prey lest you become the prey! Those clenching teeth, the giant claws… you don’t stand a chance! But what happens when two alpha predators face off against each other? Certainly, a lot of injuries that won’t be easy to recover from! They rarely get into fights, but sometimes if they’re hungry enough, they’ll just go for it.

And when they do, it gets ugly pretty fast! Welcome back to 4 Ever Green, where today we’re going to look at some of the incredible apex predators in our world battle it out with each other. Before we start, we want to know… which animal do you think is the top predator? Is it the lion, the polar bear, or the sperm whale?

Leave your answers in the comments below! Alright, let’s dive in! Tiger It’s anyone’s guess which animal will come out on top when 2 apex predators fight it out, but you get a lot more clarity when you learn that one of the predators is defending its baby!

This tiger decided to mess with the wrong mama when it tried to make a meal out of the sloth bear baby. This fight took place in Tadoba National Park in India, between a Tiger named Matkasur and a sloth bear that was heading to a water hole with her cub. When the tiger gets too close, the mama bear pounces, and the battle begins!

Witnesses say it lasted a good 15 minutes, with the tiger roaring constantly, but that didn’t make the sloth bear back down! Luckily, bears have thick fur, which protects them from the worst outcome. Sloth bears usually weigh over 200 pounds, compared to the tiger’s whopping 700 pounds! But when you are defending your child, size is not a factor!


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