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Who is Desmond Elliot’s Wife?

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All you need to know about Desmond Elliot’s Wife

Desmond Elliot is a Nigerian entertainer, film chief, and maker turned government official. A local of Lagos Island in Lagos State, Oluwashola Desmond Elliot’s adventures in the film media outlet in Nigeria acquired him public and worldwide approval. In the wake of featuring job in north of 200 films in the Nollywood business, Desmond Elliot chose to bring a diversion into legislative issues, making his presentations for elective situation in 2014 and from that point taking part in the 2015 general races for the place of agent of Surulere 01 Lagos State House of Assembly, under All Peoples Congress (APC) ideological group.

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He is hitched to his long-lasting sweetheart, Victoria.

This is an uncover on Victoria Elliot, spouse of the entertainer cum government official, Desmond Elliot:

Province OF ORIGIN
Victoria Elliot is initially from Akwa Ibom State.


Victoria got rudimentary and optional instruction prior to seeking after advanced education in a tertiary organization of learning. Victoria Elliot is a graduate of the University of Jos, Plateau State, where she got a Bachelor of Science certificate in Mathematics from the Faculty of Natural Sciences.


Victoria and her significant other, Desmond Elliot dated for a considerable length of time before their marriage in 2003. The team crossed part without precedent for 1995 in Jos, Plateau State. Then, at that point, Desmond and Victoria were seeking after undergrad learns at Lagos State University and the University of Jos individually. The pair developed, however of differing personality, started as companions then, at that point, developed to be darlings for a very long time short of 10 years, prior to tying the matrimonial bunch.

The customary wedding service among Victoria and Desmond Elliot occurred on December 25, 2003, in her local place that is known for Akwa Ibom State. A few has four youngsters, involving two arrangements of twins. The originally set of twins was conceived not long after their marriage. Their names are Denzel and Desmond. On September 16, 2010, the couple invite the second arrangement of twins, a kid, and a young lady. The kid was named Donald while the young lady, Dawn. Along these lines, there are three young men and a young lady.

Being a mother of four small kids, Victoria Elliot adjusts her work life so that her nurturing commitments to her children and spouse are not sidelined. Desmond Elliot has over and again lifted up his better half for her characteristics on a few online media posts. The couple commended 18 years of marriage on December 25, 2021.


Furnished with a Bachelor of Science certificate in Mathematics, Victoria wandered into the financial area following moving on from the University of Jos. As an investor, her jobs included dealing with customers’ financial balances, managing exchanges of customers, marking on new customers, and different jobs true to form of a financier. In this way, she left the financial area and wandered into the film business.

As a fellow benefactor and overseeing overseer of Denzoit Productions organization, Victoria Elliot’s introduction to the film business is incredible as her level of skill in film dissemination, which is her forte, acquired her cross country acknowledgment. As a film merchant for Denzoit Productions, her obligations incorporate setting the delivery dates of motion pictures created by the organization through a few windows like Cinemas, DVD, and advanced on-request stages, and the advertising of films by Denzoit Productions. At the point when One Door Closed, Love Police and, Wish of Mothers are a few films that were delivered and dispersed by Denzoit Productions.

As an administrator of Denzoit Productions, she supervises the exercises of the organization that incorporates, however are not restricted to creating ideas and setting together a group to accomplish the substance, prearranging, recruiting, projecting, arranging, and planned operations.


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Desmond Elliot was brought into the world in Lagos State yet he experienced childhood in the city of Jos, Plateau State. He got essential and auxiliary instruction in Jos at Airforce Primary School and Saint John’s College separately. He sacked a Bachelor’s certification in Economics from the Lagos State University in 2002.

After graduation from college, he started acting in a few TV programs like Everyday People, One Too Much, to make reference to a couple, prior to going into Nollywood in 2005. She went to include in more than 200 movies, just as film coordinating and creation, acquiring awards for his work.

In April of 2015, he was confirmed as one of the 42 Lagos State House of Assembly individuals. He addresses Surelere 01 Constituency, succeeding Kabiru Lawal. He got reappointed briefly term in 2019. He won the two races under the All Progressives Congress ideological group.

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