Why iPhones Are Getting Bigger…

We all know Apple is an American company and enjoys making a large chunk of their revenue domestically. But Apple sells their products in many international markets and even has retail stores in 24 foreign countries.

Some of those markets, like Japan, have access to Apple products at a price comparable to the US. For example an iPhone XS costs 112,800 yen in Japan, which is about 1,058 USD.

And when you consider the country’s 8% sales tax is included in that price, it actually makes the iPhone XS about $20 cheaper than in the US. Although this fluctuates depending on the conversion rate.

But not every country is lucky enough to pay comparable prices for Apple products. To buy the base model iPhone XS, you’d have to pay $1,235 in Mexico, $1,285 in India, $1,454 in Sweden, and $1,800 in Brazil. And these high prices have prompted customers to fly to the US just to buy a new iPhone.

So why exactly are Apple products so expensive in these countries? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to find out today.


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