Why Most Japanese Wear Glasses and 22 Unique Facts There…

The Internet is full of different facts about Japan, so when it comes to their gadgets, architecture, and fashion, it’s hard to surprise us.

We all know about Japan’s accuracy, work ethic, animal islands and square watermelons.

But there are less obvious things happening there that can bewilder even the biggest fans of Japanese culture.

For example, for introverts who may feel lonely now and again, there are special cafes in Japan that feature cuddling services.

And Japanese food is crazy, combining a bunch of unusual flavors in regular things. How about ice-cream? Choose the flavor: there are potato, miso, wasabi, soy, and many other flavors.

For those who like it extreme, there’s even raw horse meat ice-cream.

Here are the most unusual facts about Japan and Japanese culture that will change your view of the Land of the Rising Sun!


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