WHY PAY MORE!? iPad 9 vs iPad 8

Should you buy the iPad 9 or the iPad 8? Should you upgrade from the iPad 8 to the iPad 9? The iPad 9 is BETTER than the iPad 8 – there’s really no question about it. BUT, assuming you can get the iPad 8 for LESS, is it still worth getting the 9?

And also, are there ANY REASONS why some people may WANT to upgrade from the iPad 8 to the 9?

Looking at the design, these two iPads are essentially identical. They have the same body, same size display, and the same volume controls and power button. A few minor differences are that the iPad 8 is available in Rose gold and that the Silver iPad 8 comes with white bezels instead of the black ones on the iPad 9. Other than that, they look the same.

And personally, I think I like the black bezels better because the air gap – which I’ll talk about later – is less noticeable.


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