Why Phone Numbers Don’t Start With 555 And Other Hidden Smartphone Secrets…

Why do fake phone numbers start with 555? What exactly do SIM cards do?

Why should you wait a week or so after an update comes out before installing it, instead of doing so straight away?

What’s the chance of someone falsely unlocking your phone with their fingerprint? Today we’ll try to answer different tricky why’s about cell phones and talk about security.

Security features such as FACE ID and TOUCH ID are important for your phone.

But did you know, for example, that when FACE ID first came out, researchers tried to compromise the face recognition technology during a convention? And it took them less than two minutes.

They took a phone from someone who was asleep, along with a pair of glasses. Then they stuck two pieces of tape where the eyes should have been.

They turned the phone screen to face the individual, and it unlocked! So, how many of these cell phone facts do you know?


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