Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro | Unboxing & Full Tour…

Unboxing Xiaomi’s Mi 10T Pro 5G, a flagship smartphone boasting a 108MP camera, Snapdragon 865 performance, 144Hz IPS display and MiUI 12 software.

Here we test out the hardware and tour the best features ahead of my review, to see if it could be one of the best value premium phones of 2020.

Xiaomi is killing it in the budget mobile world, but the Mi 10T Pro proves that this giant can kick it at the other end as well. The triple lens camera can capture sharp, realistic photos and 8K video, while the SD865 platform can game on Call of Duty, PubG and anything else on top detail levels with a smooth frame rate. And yes, you’ve got the X55 for 5G connectivity.

MiUI 12 is a great launcher thanks to its smart features – check out my tips and tricks guide for more on that software.

You’ll also love the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro’s 6.67-inch IPS screen if you’re into photography, with its accurate colour reproduction.

Movies look great too while the 144Hz refresh rate is impressive stuff. And here’s hoping the 5000mAh battery will get you through a full day, no worries.

My reservations are few – no headphone jack, no OLED tech, and a few other little quirks. But here’s hoping the Mi10T comes to the UK with a great price soon.


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