Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Mi 11 Ultra / S21 Ultra / OnePlus 9 Pro / Oppo Find X3 Pro Battery Life DRAIN Test!

How much longer does the 5000mAh Mi 11 Ultra last compared to the standard 4600mAh Mi 11? And can it keep up with it’s greatest rival, the S21 Ultra with the same sized 5000mAh battery? And can the new OnePlus 9 Pro trade blows against it’s clone, the OPPO Find X3 Pro with the same 4500mAh cell in this ULTIMATE Real Life Usage 100%-0% Battery Drain Test? – Let’s find out! ALL PHONES SET TO WQHD+ Resolution and 120Hz REFRESH RATES to keep things even! With FIVE Snapdragon 888’s chipsets, the results are VERY Interesting!


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