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ZTE Blade V10 and V10 Vita Iron its performance

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It is necessary to immediately clarify that the version of Vita is a “lighter” model. In this regard, the capabilities of this device are somewhat lower than those of a senior comrade.

On board the ZTE Blade V10 is a MediaTek Helio P70 processor, which is supported by four gigabytes of RAM. In the case of the younger model, the whole process is controlled by Spreadtrum SC9863A, with which two or three gigabytes of RAM cooperate. By the way, if you take a version with a lot of RAM, then, as in the older model, NFC will be hidden in the case.

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Hence the difference in the performance of these two devices, which leads to a completely opposite experience from communicating with the ninth version of Android. The speed of the ZTE Blade 10 can be called acceptable. The response to the fingerprint scanner is almost instant, the animations are quite smooth. Having opened a couple of tabs and scrolling through the gallery, we do not get any extra friezes.

The same is difficult to say about the younger model. On an empty device, you can get jerking animations scrolling desktops or opening multitasking.

All my impressions are confirmed when starting toys. For example, Asphalt 8 set the high settings for the older version and the low for the younger version. The synthetic test AnTuTu exposed the older model to 137 thousand “parrots”, while the youngest won only 76 thousand.

The battery in both smartphones has a capacity of 3200 mAh. But less efficient iron is more economical. It is strange that the manufacturer positions the younger version as a smartphone for the young and active. Such people instantly make decisions, shine with energy, and the device must keep pace with the pace of its owner.

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